Climb to summits of High Tatras

Climb to any of the High Tatras peaks with mountain guide. Experience a unique day with a guarantee of safe return. Climb with a mountain guide, it's an experience even for inexperienced.

Ascents and climbs with mountain guide are typically not only for the Alpine countries, but also from the High Tatras. On the same rope, during ascent, it creates often the precious friendship between the client and the mountain guide. It's a beautiful friendship.

The best of High Tatras with a mountain guide

In the offer you locate the most desirable tatras peaks. For individual requirements we can prepare a special program for you. Some ascents to the summits require greater or less experience with the movement in alpine terrain. Whit a small help of a mountain guide most of clients successfully climb the summits.

The best of High Tatras:

Enjoy a unique day on the same rope with a mountain guide and maybe a new friendship creates.